What's New at The Whisky Bar? 

Take a look at all of our upcoming events and other offerings!

Vodka -
3 Howls Blood Orange (corn vodka) 
Bainbridge  Organic (wheat vodka)
Belvedere (rye vodka)  
Chopin (potato vodka)
Grey Goose (wheat vodka)
Haku (made by Suntory, rice vodka)
Ketel One (wheat vodka)    
Ketel One Citroen (wheat vodka)
Tito's  (corn vodka) 
Wheatley (made by Buffalo Trace, wheat vodka)

Gin -

Bainbridge Heritage 
Botanist Islay Dry Gin  
Copperworks oak cask finished 

Monkey 47 Dry Gin 
Plymouth Navy Strength, 100 proof
Roku (made by Suntory)
Tanqueray Dry Gin  
Rum -
Clement VSOP Agricole   
Myers’s dark rum  
Mount Gay Black Barrel   
Pampero Aniversario   

Plantation dark rum  

Plantation OFTD rum
Sailor Jerry spiced     
Tequila & Mezcal -   
Del Maguey Vida (Mezcal)   

Espolon Blanco 
Herradura Reposado  
Herradura Silver   
Hornitos Black Barrel

Hornitos Reposado 

Red Wine -
Avalon Pinot Noir, CA
Gougenheim Malbec, Argentina
Raconteur Cabernet, WA
White Wine -
Barnard Griffin, Riesling, WA
Crowded House Sauv. Blanc, New Zealand
Sea Sun Chardonnay, CA
Skyfall Pinot Gris, WA
Other options -
Benvolio Prosecco, Italy
Maryhill Rose, WA

Wine & Other Spirits

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